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A little known fact about me - I am awful at getting back to tags. Jonathan @ Fishing For Ideas tagged me for this (thanks, Jon) all the way back in September. Yeah. 

So here I finally am! And without further ado...

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 

2. Answer the ten questions asked. 

3. Add ten (writing or book related) questions of your own. 

4. Nominate people. 

The Questions:

1. Which of your writing projects is your favorite, and why?

 Probably my current one, I Forgot. It's the one I'm most okay with, at any rate. I like the characters, and I really like how the plot is somewhat coming together. 

2. Can you share some snippets from your favorite project? (and no you cannot say no to this IT IS MANDATORY) 

*glares* Okay, I actually did just go through this at a writers' conference and they liked it, so...

Snippet #1

I bend down, hands on knees. My chest heaves as I catch my breath. When I'm finally able to walk again, I head towards my favorite picnic table, the one on the slab of concrete overlooking the duck pond. I check to see if it's still wet with a quick sweep of my hand. One end's a little damp, so I sit on the other, dropping my backpack onto the top. I'm in the process of digging out my essay when I hear someone shout. 


I ignore it, searching for my pencil. I could have sworn I clipped it to - 

"Sophie!" The voice grows louder. And closer. Panting accompanies it. I look up to see a man around my age running up to me. He looks out of breath, but his face holds a look of absolute delight. 

"Sophie!" He reaches me and pulls me to my feet, grabbing me in a tight hug and spinning around, laughing joyfully. "Sophie, it's really you! You're here! You're alive!"

What on earth? What the? My mind refuses to form thoughts. The only tiny corner still working splutters indignantly.  

Snippet #2

The doorbell jingles as I step inside. I breath deep, inhaling the wonderful smells of fresh ground coffee beans and crisp apple tart. Sam is behind the counter, his tan apron already on. He grins at me as I walking, tossing my apron at me. "Welcome to O'Henry's" it declares. 

"You are..." Sam raises his wrist and cranes his neck, furrowing his brow and carefully inspecting his watch. "Three minutes and forty-three, no, forty-five seconds late."

I roll my eyes at him, and the corners of my mouth twitch. I tie the strings of my apron firmly behind my back and grab a Danish from our stash. 

"Good morning to you, too," I say through a mouthful of pastry. Sam grabs a rag and gives the tables a once over. I flip the sign on the door. 

"And we're open for business."

Business is fast - it always is on Saturday. You've got the graduate students bent over their computers, the grandma trio that ways claims the plush chairs in the corner (I think they're making some sort of massive blanket), then the dads that come in for our specialty donuts, kids hanging off their arms. 

Our shift passes quickly, and soon I'm counting down the minutes, glancing at the old-fashioned wall-clock ever few seconds. The half hour before we're free is twice as long as the entire shift doubled. I fall into my usual end-of-shift rhythm. Taken an order, check the clock, fill an ordr, check the clock, call the name, check the clock. 

I turn around to call the name of my next order, then freeze. Patrick's sitting at the window table. Staring at me. 

3. What is your favorite tense (past, present, future) and voice (first, third; I don't think it's actually called that but I'm using that word because it makes sense to me and I can't think of the right one. XD) to write in? 

This is actually kind of complicated. I wrote exclusively in third person past tense, then did a writing curriculum which limited you to first person, and now whenever I try and write anything else I forget how to word. I generally vastly prefer past tense, but for some weird reason I naturally fall into present tense when writing in first person.

4. When is your favorite time to write?

Early morning, before anyone else is awake, if I can manage to get up on time. 

5. What is the the most unpleasant thing you've put one of your characters through? (random note but this question stems almost entirely from a Camp NaNo April conversation in which we discussed why it's good to be mean to your characters. XP Yup, I still remember it.)

Oh gosh... probably when I killed my MC's little sister in front of him. 

6. Are you a more character-driven writer or a more plot-driven writer? 

This is one I'm still figuring out. I'm trying to do both to the best of my ability.

7. Are you a plotter or a pantser? 

Planster. If I plot too much, I end up either bored or stuck with a massive case of writer's block, and if I don't plot at all, it's a complete train wreck. I've found a basic outline of the stuff that happens is good, but leaving wiggle room and being flexible with things changing is also good. 

8. What is your favorite word processing system to write in and why do you like it? (SCRIVENER FOR THE WIN) 

Word! It's what I've used my entire writing "career". I like Google Docs for sharing, but Word is really nice and simple. I want to try Scrivener at some point. Maybe if I get a coupon with this Camp NaNoWriMo. 

9. If you were left on an abandoned island with the last character you wrote about, how would that go for you? (I know it's super original but unfortunately not from me. XD I pulled it off a meme.) 

Hm... I think that'd be... post-memory loss Clara. 

I'm doomed. I mean, we wouldn't kill each other, she's fairly nice, but neither of us would have any idea how to get off. 

10. What is your favorite writing resource? (this could be a blog, website, newsletter, writing book, that one pet who listens to all your writerly ramblings, anything basically XP)


But the One Year Adventure Novel probably takes top spot, with Kingdom Pen coming in a close second. OYAN is a highschool writing curriculum which teaches you how to write a novel in what is supposed to be a year. With it you get access to a student forum, and the chance to attend the Summer Workshop (which is where I was this past week). Kingdom Pen is a website and community that also has a forum and puts out amazing blog posts and webinars and all sorts of things. 

My Questions:

1. Why did you start writing?
2. What is your favorite book on writing?
3. Who's your favorite character to date?

4. What's your favorite way to write? (pen and paper, computer, typewriter, dictation, etc.)
5. Plot first or Character first? (shamelessly stealing this one from Jon)
6. Writing essentials? (coffee, a blanket, chocolate, etc.) 
7. Favorite quote about writing?
8. What's your current work-in-progress about?
9. Music or silence?
10. What is the one thing you wish you'd known when you started writing?

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That was fun. It's been too long since I've done a tag.

If you were stuck on a desert island with the last character you wrote or read about, how would it go for you?


  1. Ooh yeet those snippets. I LOVED THEM. *flails* PLEASE GIVE ME MORE.

    Also thank you for tagging me!! ^-^ I shall get to this hopefully within the next month. (or six months, yah know. XD)

  2. You're on Kingdom Pen? What's your name there? (I am too, if you couldn't tell. It's a great place :).)

    The last character I wrote about. . . that time-travelling MC of mine, now back in the 21st century. She's adventurous and accident-prone to some degree, so being stuck on a desert island with her would be interesting. But we'd have plenty of things to pass the time with.

    The last one I read about. . . well, last night I stopped at Hollin with the Fellowship. Being on a desert island with all nine of them would be lots of fun, and we'd probably get off against pretty easily.

  3. ooh if I was stuck on a desert island... the last book I read was Winnie-the-Pooh. I mean, I don't know how much help the characters would be, but it would certainly be a fun time! :D

    I'm glad I found your blog! It looks like a lot of fun (also, your theme is very aesthetically pleasing to me so yes i'm here for it xD)

    ~ Abby {}


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